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My Blog is a collection of memories from journeys, places I  have visited and people I have met. Every picture is a visual representation of a moment in time, seen through my eyes and captured by my camera. I have called this section “The Visual Diary”


It is very difficult to understand whether a picture is “worth 10.000 words”, and I am sure I haven’t reached that level yet (quality comes with time). In general though, selecting pictures to be part of a Portfolio is not an easy task. Opinion of others do matter. Help me with that, leave a comment and favorite the pictures you like the most.


The idea of having a shop comes from the request of some friends of mine to buy my prints and decorate their house with the shots they like the most. In the shop (supported by a super professional printing company!) you will find options to print my shots in a variety of supports: Metal print, Acrylic print, Posters, Canvas, Pillows, Phone Cases, etc.


Hello, my name is Enrico Crobu

Hello, I am Enrico, a passionate photographer interested in visual communication, graphic design, information visualisation, art, music and obviously Photography. I believe that every picture encapsulate much more than just objects, context, geometries, colours and depth of field … a picture is a moment of life…

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